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I’m Austin Frantz, an Atlanta native and Atlanta based artist, with experience in several mediums of art, including ceramics, sculpture, photography, and design. I have a BFA from the E. G. Welch School of Art and Design at Georgia State, with a focus on graphic design.  I began making stained glass as a side hustle but quickly developed a passion for it, and with the enthusiasm of my customers it became my full-time gig. I’m focused on making queer stained glass panels— the opposite of your grandma’s stained glass. I’m aiming for the funny, graphic, and unexpected.

Explained: Queer--
Queer is an umbrella term for anyone who is not cisgender or heterosexual (straight).  It was originally a word that meant "strange". Around 1914 the word began to mean "homosexual" and used as a slur (insult), especially aimed towards same-sex couples.  In the 1980's, LGBTQ+ activists reclaimed it and used "queer" as a positive self-label.  Since then "queer" has expanded beyond meaning only "homosexual". It now doesn't have a single meaning, except perhaps meaning "not heterosexual". It is important that you are careful with who you call "queer" because some people still see it as a slur.  Make sure when you use it, the person is happy with you using it.

Why did I choose this name for my shop?  Really, I was surprised nobody else had claimed it yet as a brand, and I liked it! While I do identify as queer and gay, I don't claim to speak for or represent all queer people.  I just make what speaks to me.



Please allow up to two weeks for shipping (or longer if it's marked pre-order).  I ship Priority Mail 3-Day, so usually it's faster than that, but I only go to the post office once a week, so it may be a few days before I officially ship out your item.  Thank you for your patience!

Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns at [email protected].